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Sober Living Homes in Massachusetts


Are you looking for a drug-free sober living place in Massachusetts? Are you ready to beat the addiction forever? The Bauer House is an ideal sober living place in Massachusetts.  


Sober living facility after rehabilitation in sober living houses are the medical and psychological form of treatment that is done to treat drug or alcohol dependence. This dependency cannot be treated without help and permanent care.  


Transitional Housing in Massachusetts


The Bauer House is a comforting and composed sober living place in Massachusetts providing all privileges and facilities. Our residential sober living is designed to treat the person who is in poor physical and mental health and must be treated both physically and psychologically. The physical treatment begins with the detoxification. The detoxification process removes all harmful chemicals from the body. The patient's body functions better after this detoxification process and the cravings to consume drugs are minimal. The second step after detoxification is psychological treatment.

How to Know If You Should Go To a Sober House in Massachusetts?


To completely overcome your addiction or disease, it is necessary to ask for professional help is the first step to start a new healthy life.


How Can Sober Living Houses Transforms Your Life?


The Bauer sober living house Located in Massachusetts is designed to provide patients with all the resources they need, not only for detoxification but also to learn how to start a new life that is not dependent on drugs or alcohol. As a renowned transitional housing we do everything possible to provide an environment that is conducive to overcoming substance addiction, healing, and the start of the recovery.  Sometimes just a safe clean comfortable house with supportive people is what it takes.  everyone helps everyone.